Shock Top Is Starting a Summer Camp for Nostalgic Millennials Tired of Acting Like Adults

Brand partnered with Camp No Counselors

If you watched Netflix's reboot of Wet Hot American Summer and thought, "Huh, if those 30-something and 40-something adults don't look out of place at a summer camp, maybe I won't either," you're in luck.

Shock Top has partnered with Camp No Counselors, a sleepaway camp for grown-ups, for its own summer camp for adults. 

Camp Shock Top will be at picturesque locations just outside four cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Austin, Texas. The Anheuser-Busch brand's weekend getaways this summer will give 1,000 consumers the chance stay in cabins and take part in typical summer camp activities like archery and beach volleyball. 

The experiential marketing effort from Anomaly serves as a way to bring the brand to life and perfectly embodies Shock Top's motto, "Live life unfiltered," according to Shock Top vp Jake Kirsch. 

"Our audience is in that sweet spot of being an adult but wishing they didn't have to act like one," said Kirsch, who noted the effort taps into millennials' love of nostalgia. "[With camp], you're getting away from all the B.S. that's happening in your day-to-day life, the pretense and responsibilities that you have, and going back to the real you."

Brand spokesman T.J. Miller agreed. "In a way, it's the ultimate expression of the brand's message, which is to stop taking yourself seriously," he said.

Shock Top fans who want to attend the camp need to enter a contest either by texting "CAMP" to 55999 or via the brand's website.

Shock Top's partnership with Camp No Counselors will also be evident at the company's other camp events across the country this year through things like Shock Top Slip'N Slides. 

If his filming schedule allows, Miller will likely attend Camp Shock Top, too. "You better fucking believe it," the comedian said. "Come hell or high water, if I can get there, I'm going to get really into capture the flag in a way that's intimidating and strange to people—you'll see." 

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