Shevack Changes Style, Not Substance, For Aamco

6 New Spots Have Dreamlike Quality; Brolin Pitches Trust Message
NEW YORK–Aamco Transmissions has seen three agencies and as many years go by since its last new TV commercials aired. Its new advertising, from Partners & Shevack, adds a twist to a familiar refrain.
Actor James Brolin is still there, as is the “Double-A [beep beep] M-C-O” tagline that has been a staple of the client for years.
What is new about the six spots set to air this week is in style, rather than substance: muted photography, soft-focus scenes with largely static elements and unusual camera angles. Together with captions that fade in and out, the dreamlike ads are intended to forge an emotional bond between consumer and brand.
Each depicts a bad transmission scenario–a woman stuck “on a lonely road,” for instance–and ends with the now-silver-haired Brolin reassuring us we can trust Aamco to solve the problem. The double-A is further leveraged, as those letters are highlighted in the captions.
“Our consumer research has told us that trust is paramount to a consumer’s decision,” said Jack Wilkie, Aamco’s vice president of marketing and franchise development.
The client already has 92 percent brand awareness and no national competitors, said Wilkie. The challenge is converting that knowledge to new customers.
Shevack won the $20 million account in February, after Aamco split with the former Publicis/Bloom over what Wilkie called “philosophical differences.” Publicis president Tony DeGregorio said, “We could not come to an agreement” on creative and no spots from his shop ever aired. Brolin was first introduced by the defunct Ally & Gargano in 1995. That shop’s ads ran through May of this year.