Shevack Airs Nat Robbins Ads

Partners & Shevack’s first work for Renaissance Cosmetics’ Nat Robbins brand seeks the fine line between affordability and fashionability. The brand is trying to cut through the glut of cosmetics ads that feature models with work that uses illustrations and emphasizes low cost.
The campaign–Nat Robbins’ first–comes after the client scotched ads by former agency Lambesis in Del Mar, Calif., said Michelle Toma, brand manager at the company. The client found in testing that Lambesis’ work “looked liked every other cosmetics ad and didn’t cut through the clutter,” she said.
Lambesis principal Chad Farmer responded, “The entire campaign was completely dictated by the client.”
Renaissance went on to conduct a review involving undisclosed agencies and tapped Shevack in May.
The $3 million campaign consists of three ads breaking in October women’s magazines as well as ethnic publications. Each ad has a white backdrop with a different illustration. One, a sketch of a woman’s lips, reads, “Pucker up if you want designer colors at ready-to-wear prices.” The other two feature a hand and an eyelash. The tagline: “Fine makeup without the markup.”
The agency rejected the use of models, believing that women would not be convinced by “make-believe Christy Turlingtons and make-believe Cindy Crawfords,” said shop president Lynne Seid. The challenge is that “[Nat Robbins has] to appear in the same publications as Revlon and Maybelline, with a fraction of the budget,” said Seid.
Nat Robbins claims a 1.7 percent share of the category dominated by those two brands and Cover Girl.