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If you’ve seen a green Volkswagen Beetle on the streets of Boston that bares a striking resemblance to a turtle, then you’ve already been introduced to Turtle Transit.

The new company came about following the merger of Alternative F/X and Jackrabbit Design. Turtle Transit specializes in creating multidimensional marketing vehicles, mobile billboard trucks and vehicle wraps.

The Boston-based company created the attention-grabbing “Cecil,” a customized Beetle equipped with a Web-based, GPS tracking device, a low-frequency FM transmitter, ground effects lighting, areas for surface graphics and an exterior audio system that emits the sounds of a chicken’s cluck or a cow’s moo.

Turtle Transit has received numerous inquiries since Cecil’s debut a few weeks ago, according to company co-founder David Belyea. The company has already been selected to design and fabricate a vehicle for Arnold, Boston, on behalf of Arnold also handles ads for Volkswagen of America’s new Beetle.