shear madness

After moving into their new digs in Boulder, Colo., the folks at Workhorse Adverting faced a remodeling dilemma that has implications for the surrounding community.

Adorning the building at 1708 Walnut St. is a rather large mural depicting two sheep that was painted almost two decades ago by a weaving shop and has since become something of a local landmark. As it happens, some in the community see it as a cherished work of art while others think it an eyesore.

“So we decided to have a vote,” explained Workhorse’s co-account director, Matt Nered. While an effort to hold an official referendum on the issue fell short, the agency is asking people to vote on the Web at The company even created posters that pose the question: “Are they a valued piece of public art? Or a wooly abomination?”

“We want to reflect the wishes of the commu nity,” said Neren. Results will be tabulated on election day.