Shatner Resurfaces for Kellogg Canada

NEW YORK Kellogg Canada next week will launch the All-Bran Two Week Challenge, a national marketing effort featuring actor William Shatner. The campaign is intended to encourage Canadians to take charge of their health by increasing their daily fiber intake with just a half cup per day of All-Bran Original.

The effort is anchored by a humorous TV campaign, via Leo Burnett in Toronto, starring Shatner, who was born in Montreal, in English Canada, and Donald Pilon, a well-known actor in Quebec, in French Canada. The company said this marks the first time that Kellogg Canada is working with a Hollywood celebrity. Campaign spending was not given.

TV breaks across Canada on Aug. 4 for four weeks. The spot shows the stars moving in with an average couple and leading them through the challenge for two weeks. The ad campaign is also supported on-pack beginning mid-August, along with Internet ads and point-of-purchase displays.

“We know that most Canadians don’t get enough fiber in their diets and we also know that dietary fiber helps reduce the risk of certain cancers,” Christine Lowry, vice president of nutrition and corporate affairs, Kellogg Canada, said in a statement. “By teaming up with a well-known celebrity like William Shatner, we hope to increase awareness and motivate people to add more fiber to their diets.”

Shatner garnered media attention in 1999 and early 2000 by appearing in TV commercials for by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos in New York, in which he sang off-key renditions of songs such as “Freebird.” His last work for the Web site was providing the voiceover for ads created by Gotham in New York in early 2003.