Sharks Circle Video Game Ads A campaign by DiMassimo for InterAct Accessories’ GameShark product has raised the ire of the antiviolence brigade.

The print campaign by the New York agency, targeted at young video game enthusiasts, extols the joys of mass destruction and sports the tagline, “Abuse the power.”
The first print ad (shown here) features a blond boy, whose maniacal, shark-toothed grin dominates the page.
However, one letter sent to trade magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly described the shark boy as a “butt-ugly little dipwad with [a] disgustingly vacant expression ” The writer went on to indict the ad as “tasteless, disgusting, and generally incredibly offensive.”
GameShark marketing manager Jason Herskowitz said, “I certainly hope that this reader is not as harsh and critical of other orthodontically challenged people.”
The second ad, called “Family Photo,” was pulled by EGM on press day over concerns that it might incite domestic violence.
The campaign is not without its supporters, however. Fan mail has also been trickling in to the client. -Hank Kim