Shamrock Gets Closer to Moms

C-K Aims for a More Emotional Link to the Client’s Consumers
LOS ANGELES–Professional mothers who go to great lengths to connect with their kids take center stage in Cramer-Krasselt’s new campaign for dairy food processor/distributor Shamrock Farms.
Two 30-second TV spots broke earlier this month. In one, a woman interrupts a board room conference to give what sounds like real-estate advice over the phone.
Turns out she’s counseling her young daughter, who is playing a Monopoly-type board game.
In the second spot, a woman rushes into her bedroom and starts stripping off her work clothes as she heads into a walk-in closet. She emerges wearing hockey goalie pads as her impatient kid calls for her from downstairs.
Both commercials cut to a shot of the Phoenix company’s product line as a voiceover states, “Of all the things you do for your family, some are easier than others.”
They both end with the tagline, “Shamrock Farms. Thank goodness.” The line replaces the former “Fresh from our dairy cows to your dairy case.”
The spots will air in Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz., through year’s end. They target busy moms 25-54.
“The core of all this is the target, which we’ve identified as the ‘chief executive moms,’ ” said Brian Landauer, agency senior vice president, general manager. The new work aims for a much stronger emotional connection with the target audience than past ads, Landauer said.
“We found that while working moms have to strive for efficiency in their lives, they are very sensitive about never allowing love and care and tradition to be sacrificed. One of the ways they demonstrate that is by providing food that is of high quality,” Landauer said.
“The last spots, and a lot of the work we’ve done for Shamrock until this point, have mined more traditional subjects for the dairy industry, such as freshness,” he said.
C-K won Shamrock Foods’ ad account in 1994. K