SFGT Recommends Remedy to Air Travelers

NEW YORK SFGT aims to make passengers clear for takeoff with an airport campaign for Tylenol Sinus Severe Congestion.

A series of posters that broke last week introduce the product in airports with headlines like, “We can’t clear your schedule, but we can clear your head” and “Please return your head to its clear and upright position.” A third execution simply states, “Travel without baggage.”

“Nowhere are people more sinus sensitive than when they are about to get on an airplane,” said SFGT CEO Dudley Fitzpatrick.

The campaign is the first the Philadelphia agency has produced for Tylenol, though the shop has partnered with the client on strategic planning assignments for nearly two years, Fitzpatrick said.

The ads will appear in Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Raleigh/Durham and other metropolitan airports. The ads will also appear in conjunction with “free with purchase” sampling programs via W.H. Smith airport newsstands.

A television campaign is due to break this month from Alchemy in New York. Spending on the campaign was undisclosed.