SFGT Positions UPHS as Medical Leader

NEW YORK The University of Pennsylvania Health System this week launched a series of TV spots aimed at unifying previous efforts for its individual programs. The ads, by SFGT in Philadelphia, are tagged, “We see life ahead.”

Four broadcast ads, which debuted last weekend on NBC telecasts of the Summer Olympics, show family members and friends reuniting in an airport. While couples kiss and friends hug, a voiceover in the 60-second spot says, “We look at the world and we see what you see—life. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, friends. And in one form or another every life is touched by medicine.”

The ad goes on to remind viewers that Penn Healthcare in Philadelphia established the country’s first medical school and teaching hospital. Thirty-second variations ask, “Why do we care about the lives we touch?” and “Why do we live to give hope to others?” The answer: “We see what medicine can do. We’re Penn. We see life ahead.”

SFGT, which has held the account for three years, has created campaigns for the system’s various units, including cardiac care, fertility services and neurology. While ads followed the same strategy, the creative on each campaign was different. This campaign seeks to unite those messages, presenting Penn both as a system with a long history and at the forefront of medical research.

“This is the first time we kind of wrapped it all together and tried to express what a difference Penn was making in everyone’s lives. How the breakthroughs they were making every day gave people the opportunity in life to spend more time with their loved ones,” said Dudley Fitzpatrick, CEO of SFGT.

Each 30-second ad tells of Penn’s achievements, be it researching a vaccine for ovarian cancer or pioneering surgery to reverse the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Print ads follow the same course, with headlines such as “We see the world forgetting Alzheimer’s” and “We see diabetes taking its last shot.”

Spot television buys include the U.S. Open and National Football League games as well as the season premieres of Law and Order and Will and Grace, among others. Print will run in 21 titles, including Forbes, Fortune, Travel & Leisure and Vanity Fair.

“We really wanted to position Penn as a world leader, so we went into leadership media,” Fitzpatrick said.

The media budget was undisclosed, although Fitzpatrick said UPHS is fairly consistent spender. This year the client shifted ad dollars away from local media like newspapers and radio to help finance the national buy, he said.