SF Interactive Launches Rich Media Ad Platform

NEW YORK SF Interactive this week introduced a new ad platform that houses video, sound, 3-D animation and text-based documents and content.

Called Ad Cube (Ad3), the ad acts as a mini-Web site by letting users interact within the unit. Unlike many banners, pop-ups and interstitials, the ad does not redirect the user to other sites via click-throughs.

An ad for VeriSign, for instance, lets users sign up for a brochure on Internet security services, view a video address from the company’s president and CEO Stratton Sclavos and engage in other related activities. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company plans to include a downloadable white paper and an interactive FAQ in its next Ad Cube effort.

In addition to VeriSign, other SF Interactive clients that have signed on to use Ad Cube are Cisco and Quantum. The San Francisco-based interactive shop, purchased by Butler, Shine & Stern in January, is also trying to convince online publishers to adopt the technology platform and offer it to advertisers as a new ad format.

Ad Cube meets the standard size requirements recommended by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.