S.F. Ad Club Closes Down

SAN FRANCISCO_The San Francisco Advertising Club is shutting its doors after operating for nearly 100 years, according to the club’s acting president.

The club decided to close because of poor market conditions and job losses which resulted in fewer paid memberships, said Jim Magill, president of the Corsi Group and acting club president. The club hosted the city’s annual advertising show each spring.

“Over the past few months the club had problems with renewals,” Magill said. “No one was overseeing it. The board was not meeting or even existing anymore. We decided that someone needed to stop this thing.”

Still, he said the club “will resurface — probably under another name.”

The city’s Academy of Arts will house the club archives. Jeff Goodby of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is trying to organize a new spring show with former club members, according to Magill.

One freelance creative said the club had problems before the economic downturn and that the ad community was dissatisfied with the organization. Many creatives no longer attended the show, saying it was dominated by big agencies.

“The club has always been a mixed blessing,” said Jef Loeb, who runs Brainchild Creative. “They’ve had a spotty record with member services and award shows. You would always get your book from the shows two years after the ceremony. There’s also never been an interest in a strong club like there is in Minneapolis and New York because we’re an insular community.”

The club was formed in 1903.