Sex Institute Looks to Make Love Connection

The Sinclair Intimacy Institute is looking for a minority owned and operated agency that wants to help improve African Americans’ sexual prowess.
The Chapel Hill, N.C., company has initiated a national search for a shop to develop and implement a comprehensive advertising and marketing program for the latest edition of its adult sex education video series, entitled “The Better Sex Video Series for Black Couples.”
“We are looking for a black agency and it’s been difficult,” said Alan Hecht, marketing director at Sinclair. “There aren’t that many we are aware of.”
Said Hecht: “We’re looking for somebody to do the whole shebang. We want an integrated approach.
. . . There’s going to be a mini [Web] site that will link to our main site . . . [and] print, radio and maybe television.”
Sinclair hired experts on African American sexuality to produce what the company said is the only adult sex education video series ever written, directed and produced exclusively by blacks for black couples. Hecht said it was only logical that marketing be handled by African Americans. Most advertising is now created in-house.
Though Hecht said Sinclair had not yet set a firm budget for the campaign, he noted the initial launch will be “a couple hundred thousand dollars. But once we get going, as long as we keep making money, we keep stepping on the gas.”
The search is being conducted by of Richmond, Va.
Sinclair has sold more than four million copies of 30 titles since introducing the series in 1991.