Sewell Motor Stages a Reunion

Sewell Motor Co. here has enlisted some old marketing hands to tinker under its hood, after taking its $1 million-plus advertising account in-house.
Former Dallas ad agency principals Jim Gibbon, Ross Puskar and Jud Chapin have all been tapped to freelance on Sewell Motor’s broadcast and print advertising account, according to a client marketing representative.
All three executives handled the car dealer business until late 1996 while heading Omnicom-owned Puskar Gibbon Chapin (now PGC Advertising).
Sewell marketing vice president Craig Innes said the company decided to move its advertising account in-house due to cost considerations. The radio, television and print duties will be shifting to primarily TV and print assignments.
Innes indicated there are other outside specialists also being hired for the account. “Our scheme is to use a number of consultants,” said Innes.
Berry-Brown Advertising was the two-year incumbent on the Sewell Motor business. That Dallas agency held the account ever since Sewell exited PGC along with Gibbon, Puskar and Chapin in late 1996. Both Gibbon and Puskar announced their retirements at that time, and Chapin continued to serve the agency’s creative department as a consultant.
Attempts to reach the three ex-agency executives were unsuccessful.
Berry-Brown president Jim Hradecky referred questions to Innes.
The family-owned Sewell has expanded to nine dealerships in the Southwest, including Dallas, San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas, and New Orleans. Primarily identified locally with selling luxury nameplates Lexus, Cadillac and Infiniti, Sewell also represents Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet and GMC Trucks at separate locations.
The company has recently expanded into pre-owned vehicle lots, also under the Sewell Motor banner.