setting the agenda

Some might say advertising has little to do with conventional wisdom. But Carmichael Lynch may have had a hand in shaping prevailing opinion, if Newsweek’s chart on the subject is any arbiter.

Last week, Newsweek’s chart gave Hillary Clinton a downward arrow, criticizing the new senator for getting supporters to furnish her house. “What’s wrong with IKEA?” the chart posits.

But the notion of IKEA furnishing the Clintons’ residences was first proposed by CL in its first work for the company. In a newspaper ad touting a Jan. 15 sale, a letter on IKEA stationary to former president Clinton read, “With two homes to furnish and your wife busy with her new job, we thought you might need a little help.” The ad also contains what’s likely to be Ikea’s new tagline, “Live better.”

“It’s not surprising that the country’s premier newsweekly would take its direction from the country’s premier agency,” joked agency president John Colasanti.