Serving Up The Stooges

The likenesses and routines of the Three Stooges will be used to launch a beer named for the legendary comedy team.
Set for a 90-day New England trial starting Aug. 1 and a nationwide introduction in November, The Three Stooges Beer is manufactured by Panther Brewing Co. in Westwood, Mass.
Holland Mark Martin Edmund is handling advertising for the launch. Panther chose the Boston shop based in part on a recommendation from Veryfine, a client of the agency.
Panther is named after the fictitious brewing company Moe, Larry and Curly worked for in a 1935 short, The Three Little Beers. The real-life Panther Brewing was founded by Dewey Parsons and Mike Herbert, who divide ownership equally.
Parsons, who serves as company president, owned a food distribution firm in Foxboro, Mass., for 15 years and has operated several liquor stores throughout the Boston area.
Lifelong Stooges fans, Parsons and Herbert struck a deal with the company handling all licensing related to the comedy trio. The terms of that agreement were not disclosed.
“This isn’t a microbrew,” Parsons explained. “There’s just one flavor. It’s a classic lager beer, an old-fashioned beer. We’re looking to get Joe Six-Pack here.”
Broadcast, print and outdoor ads will break later this summer to support the regional launch. The tagline, “We all put in the yeast,” also taken from a Stooges short, will be featured on the product and in most executions.
Stroh Brewery used the Stooges to sell beer in a promotion a couple years ago. That effort featured “Curly Cans” and the likenesses of the Stooges on point-of-purchase materials.
–with Gerry Khermouch

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