Serena Williams Looks Toward the Future in Her First Full Lincoln Ad

Anthem spot documents her return to tennis

"To be honest, I have my doubts," Williams says of her post-pregnancy comeback, "and then I look at my daughter, and I see my strength."
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Earlier this month, Lincoln named Serena Williams as its new celebrity ambassador and announced that she would star in a new campaign for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. Following a brief teaser introducing her new partnership with the brand, Williams unveiled the spot on Twitter yesterday.

Entitled “Build Your Legacy,” the 60-second anthem ad documents Williams’ journey from athlete to mother and her return to professional tennis following her pregnancy and subsequent medical issues. The spot opens with Williams behind the wheel of her 2018 Lincoln Navigator, revisiting recent career highlights.

“To be honest, I have my doubts,” Williams says of her post-pregnancy comeback, “and then I look at my daughter, and I see my strength.”

The ad concludes with an announcer wondering whether Williams is the greatest athlete of all time as Serena takes a look in the rearview mirror.

“Build Your Legacy” was produced by agency Laundry Service’s sibling company Cycle, which also handled talent and media management. It’s the debut effort from the Ford brand’s newest marketing partner, which became the first non-WPP agency to work on its business late last year.

“Serena is an amazing athlete who has won 23 Grand Slams, but she also has a family and her own clothing line, she sits on major boards and she’s philanthropic—she has all these competing demands on her time,” The Lincoln Motor Company group marketing manager John Emmert said in a statement at the time of announcement of Williams as celebrity brand ambassador.

“We know time is our Navigator client’s ultimate luxury as she balances everything in her busy life, and Serena exemplifies that balance with poise and grace,” he added.

The release claims that Williams’ first car was a Lincoln Navigator she named “Ginger” and later passed along to her niece.

@ErikDOster Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.