From Serbia With Love

Jan Wilker of karlssonwilker—he of the head-up-the-butt Art Directors Club invite [Shoptalk, Sept. 13]—caused a stir of another kind in Serbia recently.

Wilker’s New York design firm was commissioned by Belgrade’s FIA Art Group and Publikum Printing to create a calendar—a project that has been commissioned every year since 1993 to inspire the Serbian Arts committee. The shop’s idea was to visit Serbia for 12 days and create an image for the calendar for each day.

At a reception at The One Club last week, Wilker recalled that he and his partner, Hjalti Karlsson, would periodically update the Serbian media on their progress. “They always asked us, ‘What do you think of the Serbian women?’ ” Wilker said. The pair replied, perhaps inadvisably, that, hmm, well, you know, they didn’t really see what was so great about them. The media was more than a little displeased with that answer, so they quickly changed it. “Serbian women are the most beautiful women in the world,” they suggested, which went over much better.

The pair then decided to observe Serbian women in a square one night, to see what the fuss was about: The result is the image here, which graces the September page of the calendar.