Separate Ways

Carmen Italia left Los Angeles for Chicago a little over two years ago to set up an office to serve the $30 million True Value Hardware account.

The move was only supposed to be temporary, but now he has decided to permanently relocate to the Windy City.

In so doing, Italia and Italia/Gal partner Ken Gal have agreed to sever ties and restructure their offices as separate corporations.

The Los Angeles office will still be called Italia/Gal; and the Chicago and Dallas units will be called Italia Advertising. The new entities will continue to share resources, though.

In the last year and a half the partners assumed controlling interests in their respective offices. ‘We swapped our stock,’ said Ken Gal, chairman and chief executive officer of the Los Angeles agency.

The split will not affect the staff at any of the offices, or how accounts are serviced, Gal said. All accounts will continue to be handled by their current agency offices.

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