Selling the Power Of Notebook Computers Seiniger Boosts Hitachi’s Latest Laptop

By Teresa Buyikian

LOS ANGELES–Hitachi has kicked off a $20 million campaign for its 1997 line of notebook computers.

The campaign, aimed at business travelers, consists of a series of new print ads as well as two previously aired TV commercials.

Created by The Seiniger Advertising Group in Los Angeles, the campaign highlights the features of Hitachi’s laptop computers, primarily their ability to make communication away from the office easier.

The launch of the print advertisements is scheduled to coincide with the release of Hitachi’s new VisionBook line of notebook computers. The first ad will appear in major newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, and magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, PC Magazine, PC Week, InfoWorld, Golf Digest and others.

The first spread of the series, ‘Pants on Fire,’ features a photograph of employees in black and white running madly around what appears to be an office, with red and yellow flames shooting out of their rear ends. The copy at the top reads, ‘Apparently, your e-mail has been read.’

Also shown is a laptop computer, the VisionBook Elite, with an e-mail message (most likely from the boss) displayed on the screen: ‘Arriving a day early. Would like to see the final plan.’ Adjacent copy describes the laptop’s features: ultra thin, very light, with a panoramic screen.

‘The computers are ready to run and access anywhere, complete with modems and communications software,’ said Seiniger executive creative director Robert Chandler.

‘A lot of people carry notebooks around, but these (Hitachi models) give you the ability to be in Hong Kong and affect what happens in New York,’ he said.

Other models of the VisionBook will be introduced as well, including the Pro, which has the same capabilities as a desktop computer without taking up as much space, and the Plus, a multimedia notebook specially designed for small and home offices.

Advertisements will be rolled out to support these additional models over the rest of the year.

In addition, the agency plans to once again release two TV commercials, ‘Lightening’ and ‘Insider,’ created for the launch of the brand a year ago. These ads will air on CBS Sunday Morning, as well as during American and Delta flights. Backlit dioramas featuring ‘Pants’ will be placed in major airports.

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