Sega’s Comic-Con Activation Involves a 7-Foot Alien Egg

Brands promise to go big this week

Comic-Con kicks off on Thursday in San Diego, and brands will no doubt try to out-do one another on the premises in and around the city's Gaslamp Quarter downtown district. Indeed, whether it's this week's confab, Cannes, South by Southwest Interactive or CES, these so-called activations—the brainchildren of deep-pocketed marketers—have become a significant attraction for passersby.

Adweek got a sneak peek into what Sega will be up to at the Comic-Con extravaganza. The San Francisco company will be promoting Alien: Isolation, a video game that has been described as a "first-person survival horror stealth fantasy."

Sound like fun? Well, if you are going to Comic-Con, there's evidently a lot more of that where that came from.

Working with MJD Interactive, Sega will invite attendees to play a mobile game designed to promote Alien: Isolation. The player will need to use a hand-held motion tracker to keep tabs on a digital depiction of an the game's Alien character—all IRL as folks mill around Ron Burgundy's old stomping grounds. Ultimately, they'll be led to a seven-foot "alien egg," hidden somewhere around the huge event.

And though Sega marketers for the activation are being tight-lipped, rest assured that game players will find other things as well—likely very big things to get people's attention in a noisy environment. It's a safe bet that more than 120,000 individuals will be on hand.

In the meantime, here is another look at what the game maker's giant egg looks like. 

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