Segal Joins Harris Drury Cohen

Teddi Alyce Segal’s arrival as Harris Drury Cohen’s director of new-business development is turning up the heat. Literally.

One of Segal’s first initiatives at the 22-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Fla., agency was to lead 40 staff members on a “fire walk,” a confidence-building exercise staged by Life Power, a corporate training specialist. That walk was followed by a stroll through broken glass.

“The tool we need to succeed is to see success as if it’s already happened,” said Segal. “For some people that seems as impossible as walking on fire.”

Segal arrives after a stint as director of agency relationships at CreatAbility in Coral Gables, Fla., where she was responsible for new business as well as corporate and client public relations.

At HDC, her role has been expanded, Segal said, in accord with the changing dynamics of the advertising industry.

“The way we sell our services has to change,” she said. “New-business development no longer revolves around an old guy with a Rolodex drinking martinis with every [client’s] chief executive officer. We have to develop great relationships with clients, search consultants and the media.

“It’s important to go after clients with a concept and an idea,” Segal said.