Seeking Just The Right Jedi

Frenzy over the new Star Wars movie is being used by Inforonics, a company eager to make its name known among high-tech job seekers in the Boston area.
What better way to reach tech-heads than during those few captive moments before a major sci-fi film?
That was the reasoning behind three recruitment ads (one is shown here) now running on 57 screens owned by General Cinemas in the Boston area, where Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace is now playing.
The ads were created and placed by Fernandez/Wolf in Brookline, Mass., whose co-founder, Gary Wolf, is no stranger to Hollywood or fiction. He penned the novel upon which the 1988 Disney movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is based.
Officials at Inforonics, which manages electronic commerce applications and data flow, said last week that hits to the company’s Web site have shot up 10 percent and morale is running high.
“There are a lot of Star Wars fans here who just think it’s cool we’re doing this,” said marketing director Mark Pisley. -Judy Warner