Sedgwick Rd. Takes On Market Myths for WaMu

LOS ANGELES Washington Mutual attempts to dispel investment myths with a national print campaign breaking this Wednesday from Sedgwick Rd., the agency said.

The campaign from the Interpublic Group agency in Seattle addresses so-called predictors of the stock market’s success, such as full moons, hemlines, lipstick and shrimp cocktails, and aims to increase awareness and familiarity of the WaMu brand among analysts and investors.

Spending was undisclosed. The Seattle-based client spent about $90 million on ads last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

The full-page print executions employ comic-book style illustrations. One ad shows an image of a man on a telephone, with a full moon visible in the window behind him. Text in a bubble next to him reads, “For the love of Pete, buy! Buy! Don’t you see?! A full moon is rising!” Copy below explains that the “Full Moon Index” holds that the market declines just before or after a full moon.

Another execution addresses the “Hemline Index,” which holds that as hemlines rise in the fashion industry, so does the stock market. The ads use these myths to point out that there are more reliable indicators of stock-market success, such as a company’s performance.

Ads will run in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and will also appear online.

Sedgwick Rd. has worked with WaMu since 1991. The shop’s other clients include Converse, the Washington State Department of Health, Cinema Seattle and the Seattle Art Museum.