Mark DiMassimo of DiMassimo Brand Advertising wanted his shop’s ads for Island ECN, an electronic marketplace for traders, to be realistic. So he and his team followed around hundreds of traders for months, observing their everyday life.

“These people are like the air-traffic controllers of the financial world,” said DiMassimo, CEO and executive creative director at the New York shop. “[Their job includes] high stress, high stakes.”

The work seeks to convey the hectic daily life of traders.

In one of the agency’s three spots for the New York-based client, which were directed by Tony Scott (Spy Games, Crimson Tide), a bathroom that’s been empty for hours fills with men at the end of the trading day.

The ad was shot in the bathroom at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, the former home of the Academy Awards.

The other two commercials feature a meticulously re-created trading floor. In one, a busy trader forgets to drink his coffee; in another, a trader is named “the ultimate trading machine.”

The spots bear the tagline, “The trader’s marketplace.” They broke earlier this month on CNBC and network news programs.