The next time you take the Delta Shuttle to New York, please avoid seat 18F. That seat has Jim Mullen’s name written all over it.

In a recent ad for the shuttle that ran in the New York Times and USA Today, the name of Mullen’s chief executive officer appears with those of 16 assorted business bigwigs as well as the caption ‘Our passengers fill some mighty important seats.’

Mullen is not sure how his name ended up being chosen, but he is a shuttle regular, flying to the Big Apple from Boston at least twice a week for business, he said. He was, however, quite clear about why Delta’s agency, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in New York, would include a competitor in the ad.

‘I think they did it from the perspective of what would be good for Delta, which would be to show a variety of professionals,’ he said. ‘Remember, the people reading the ad don’t think of advertising agencies–they think of Delta airlines.’

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