Sears Repositioning Brand, Eliminating Jobs

NEW YORK–Sears, Roebuck and Co. announced Wednesday its biggest job reductions in eight years and a revision in its marketing and branding positioning.

“Our new approach to merchandising reflects a distinctive competitive positioning, a clear emphasis on home and family and a lower cost-operating model,” said CEO Alan Lacy during a meeting with retail analysts in Chicago.

Lacy said Sears will eliminate “less productive” promotional activity and “invest more heavily in marketing the Sears brand.” Marketing changes will include “an even stronger focus on the apparel business, merchandise will be upgraded, the depth of assortments will be improved and Sears will move to a single proprietary casual brand for its men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.”

The nation’s fourth-largest retailer will eliminate 4,900 jobs, about 22% of its salaried corporate and regional staff, over the next 18 months.