Cultivator Advertising & Design’s new campaign that seeks to help prevent more forest fires in Colorado may be one of the more unusual efforts out there.

That’s because these ads are deliberately charred.

The initiative is slated to break in August. It includes an outdoor billboard in Denver, for which Viacom donated the media, and posters set to appear in Colorado, for which Hatch Show Print, Nashville, Tenn., donated printing services and paper.

Each poster has been charred indoors, under a fireman’s supervision. One poster reads, “Our entire state is kindling.” Another poster asks, “How effective is your rain dance?” All posters carry the line, “Stop playing with fire, Colorado.”

“It’s really asking Colorado as a state and as a community to take responsibility for the situation we’re in,” said Tim Abare, co-creative director at the Boulder, Colo., shop.

Posters will also be distributed via civic groups and tourism offices in camping gateways. Abare said the posters may also roll out to Arizona in the fall.