Screenvision Builds Content Platform

NEW YORK Cinema advertising company Screenvision has created a division focused on alternative content.

Screenvision Programming Services was established in an effort to help film exhibitors attract new audiences and seize profits during downtime in movie theaters. The intent is also to help movie theater owners boost ticket sales during off-peak times such as weekend mornings and late-night periods.

To date, 7,500 digital projectors have been installed in movie theaters nationwide. “They are very high-quality machines—at a minimum they are of HD quality. In many instances, they are offer feature film quality projection,” said Matthew Kearney, president and CEO of Screenvision. The company is supplying the content for these projectors via satellite dishes that sit atop movie theaters.

Accordingly, the company formed the division with a mission to show Screenvision advertising before feature films.

“We will also utilize the division to show non-movie content in theaters. Now we have a footprint to carry this out across the country,” said Kearney.

This provides a great opportunity for Screenvision’s theater partners to generate an incremental income through other means, he said.

Screenvision has experimented in alternative content activities in the past, including kids and religious programming, anime and contemporary music concerts. Kearney said the company is mapping out plans to add more activities. One example is a partnership with the New York Mets. Fans yesterday attended “Mets at the Movies” at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York, where they watched the road game of the Mets vs. the Philadelphia Phillies on a 50 x 23-foot screen. They also participated in traditional Shea Stadium in-game activities, such as T-shirt launches and sing-alongs.