Screen House Cuts Five

BOSTON — The Screen House cut five people, or about 25% of its staff Wednesday, confirmed Paul Twitchell, the i-shop’s director of business development. Sources said the Boston agency will likely close its doors in coming weeks, but Twitchell insisted that is not the case. “Call me tomorrow or next week and I will be at my phone,” he said.

He attributed the cutbacks to “slowness for new projects to get started. You can’t pay people on spec and on promises of work.”

The Screen House continues to work for about a dozen clients, including IMark Communications and Paramount Pictures, he said. Its creation of of the first Web site for the latter’s Star Trek franchise catapulted The Screen House into the public eye. In early 2000, with the dot-com craze still ongoing, the company employed a staff of 60 and claimed revenue in excess of $4 million.