Scrabble Scramble

Caldor was overstocked with apologies last week after an embarrassing faux pas in a toy circular distributed to 85 Sunday newspapers in the Northeast.
The Norwalk, Conn., department store chain drew complaints from a few customers–and some unwanted media attention–because 11 million copies of the flyer contained a photograph of two smiling boys playing Scrabble on a board with the word “rape” clearly visible.
While Caldor took full responsibility for the error, it pointed the finger at an unidentified “creative agency” that arranged the shoot. Caldor representative Jennifer Belodeau declined to identify the shop.
Not us, said officials at Berenter Greenhouse & Webster, which creates TV and radio ads for Caldor, and Horizon Media, the client’s media planner and buyer. Officials at both New York shops said they did not know which outside agencies–if any–handle circulars.
Is the mystery shop still on Caldor’s payroll? “That’s between us and the agency,” Belodeau said. –David Gianatasio and Sarah Jones