Scottrade Thinks ‘Inside the Box’

BOSTON Gearon Hoffman takes a new, decidedly high-tech approach in its latest TV work for Scottrade, using state-of-the-art animation to place client founder and CEO Rodger Riney “inside the box” (a sophisticated computer system) as he touts the company’s new service for active traders.

The St. Louis-based client spends $15-20 million annually on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus, and has worked with Gearon, an independent Boston shop, for nearly two years.

The new 30-second ad, “Thinking Inside the Box,” shows the animated Riney walking amid blinking circuitry as he extolls the advantages of Scottrade Elite. It closes with the tagline “More broker for the money.” The execution breaks nationwide this month.

Creative directors Bob Hoffman, Dick Davis and Doug Goransson guided the campaign, with Davis handling art direction and Goransson writing the copy. Dave Lombardi served as the agency producer; Peter Corbett directed.

Past executions have featured the flesh-and-blood Riney, including a memorable suite of spots from 2003 that showed how even as a boy, he “believed in giving people more for their money” (e.g., by creating an ornate sculpture garden as part of his regular yard work).