“Scorsese SNS Trailer”

Martin Scorsese does what he does best in an in-cinema spot for AT&T. We’ve seen him do his thing in commercials before, but his hyper performances are always fun to watch. Here he interrupts a child’s bedtime call to his traveling father. “No, no, no,” says the director as he rushes up the stairs and barges into the boy’s bedroom with his finger wagging. “The plot of this phone call is just not working for me. I’ve seen it a million times,” he announces to the room. When the perplexed mom tries to interrupt him with a polite “excuse me,” she can’t even get the words out, as the famous filmmaker goes on to re-write the boy’s life to add Scorcese’s brand of drama. The father, he tells them, should be in prison, and the mother, trapped in a “loveless marriage,” has got to be drowning her sorrows in alcohol. “You should be drinking something out of a bottle. You have a bottle around?” he asks. The look of resignation on the mother’s face says it all as her eyes follow the director leave the room as abruptly as he appeared. “We won’t interrupt your phone calls,” promises AT&T in the on-screen copy. “Please don’t interrupt our movies.” The spot, a reminder to quiet wireless calls at the movies, signs off with a joint “message from Martin Scorsese and AT&T.” It’s a message more likely to be heard when it comes from a famous face rather than a faceless corporate sponsor.–Eleftheria Parpis