“Get linked” is the tagline in Rawle-Murdy Associates’ new television campaign for the National Golf Course Owners Association.
Two 30-second spots, airing in regional markets nationwide, show golf as a bonding event for business, friendship and family.
The ongoing project assignment broke last year in print, “but the client [asked] for TV ads that would make people see golf as a priority,” said David Rawle, the Charleston, S.C., shop’s chairman. “We decided that the key button to push is how playing golf can grow relationships.”
Largely set to bucolic orchestra music on lush, green fairways, with limited voiceover, the commercials capture a warm communal mood.
Print work is more direct. One depicts a man and a boy taking a break to compare their scores. Copy states: “It’s a closer game than the scorecard indicates.”
Print ads aimed at businesswomen read, “It’s a great tool for breaking the glass ceiling.”
For businessmen: “You can learn more in four hours than the guys at the office did in four years.” –T.W. Sieber