Scoring Drive

Every time Tony Cashman and Ed Katz watch the New England Patriots play (for better or worse), the two will know they played a part in bringing the football team to Connecticut.
A last-minute plan resulted in Cashman & Katz scoring the assignment to build public support for legislation that would permit a $350 million stadium to be built in downtown Hartford and, eventually, house the New England Patriots after the team moves from Foxboro, Mass.
The Glastonbury, Conn., shop was contacted on Nov. 30–less than three weeks before the legislature was scheduled to cast its vote–by Gaffney, Bennett & Associates, the Hartford law firm that represents Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The agency coordinated media briefings, appearances on radio talk shows, a charity benefit for youth football programs and a pep rally.
“It was an intense two and a half weeks,” Cashman admitted.
“It was an emotional subject for most people in Connecticut, because this is the biggest thing that has happened to the state in I don’t know how many years.” –Sarah Jones