Schwarzenegger Unveils First Spot in Gov. Bid

LOS ANGELES California gubernatorial hopeful Arnold Schwarz-
enegger on Tuesday unveiled a low-key 60-second TV spot directed by Republican strategist Don Sipple. The actor is one of many seeking to unseat Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, in the state’s controversial recall election.

In the spot, Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is seen in casual attire, standing in front of what appears to be his residence. He later walks into a study.

“This historic election has come about because there is an tremendous disconnect between the people of California and the leaders of California,” Schwarzenegger begins. “We the people are doing our job, working hard, raising our families and paying taxes. But the politicians are not doing their job. We can do better than that. After all, we’re California, always at the forefront of innovation.”

He speaks at some length and in general terms about his ideas for the state, concluding with, “I want to be the people’s government. I will work honestly, without fear or favor, to do what is right for all Californians.”

An announcer’s voiceover intones: “Join Arnold and let’s bring California back.” Titles direct viewers to a Web site ( and note that the ad is “Paid for by Californians for Schwarzenegger and Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall Committee.”

The spot was conceived by Sipple Strategic Communications and produced by Roland Mesa, president of the Cimarron Group, a Hollywood, Calif., trailer production company and ad agency. Cimarron’s Janet Kirker, executive vice president of the interactive division, created the Web site, on which the spot debuted today. The ad will also appear on CNN and other media statewide.

According to a source, Schwarzenegger could spend $40-million-plus on the election [Adweek, Aug. 11].

Sipple has been a consultant for, among others, former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole.