School Days

Shooting for a more emotive approach, The Lord Group gave Key Bank celebrity pitchman Anthony Edwards the day off.
A new TV spot from the New York shop instead features schoolchildren who rise to the occasion in potentially nerve-wracking situations. It begins with a mom hugging her daughter before her first day of school and ends with a teacher calling on a student in a college classroom (shown here). In between are a teen in a track race and a ballerina getting ready to go on stage.
“Key supports education from pre-school to graduate school, with investment programs, financial planning and loans,” a voiceover explains. “So do not be afraid to ask.”
The spot, which was shot in California and will be backed by radio ads, retains the tagline, “Key: help at every turn.”
Edwards, a star of ER, will play a leading role in future Key ads. The bank spent more than $13 million on advertising last year.
–Andrew McMains