Scenes From Suburbia

The Lord Group’s new work for electronics chain Nobody Beats the Wiz, which shows a 30-something couple walking the aisles of a New Jersey store, takes a sitcom-like approach.
In one spot from the New York shop (shown here), the older-looking man marvels at the store’s offerings–from stereos to portable phones–as his wife stands nearby and smiles. He gets so carried away that she feels left out.
“It has got everything I need to be totally entertained,” he says as she waits for her due, ” except you!” The wife playfully turns and walks away.
In another, the husband lists some of the properties owned by Wiz parent Cablevision Systems: the Rangers, Knicks and Radio City Music Hall. As he talks, athletes and Rockettes appear on a store TV. “Without Cablevision this would be Pittsburgh,” he says, as both cringe.
Six TV spots and eight radio ads have been produced. The agency hopes to turn this into a long-running series.
“Hopefully people will become sensitized to their personalities,” creative director Mike Scardino said. “We think it’s fertile ground.”
–Andrew McMains