SCC Adds a Brand

Schafer Condon Carter has formed a joint venture with Koetz Films to start a second brand called The Lumber Company.

The goal is to gain some “creative leverage,” said Tim Condon, a partner at the $50 million Chicago shop. “It’s about market segmentation.”

Partners in The Lumber Company are director Leroy Koetz, of Koetz Films, former Leo Burnett copywriter Chris Shaw and Second City alumnus Rich Talarico have already completed a commercial for a Boston-area seafood chain that employs all of their talents.

The company’s goal is to get broadcast projects from clients that may not consider Schafer Condon Carter.

“Schafer Condon Carter holds a position in the market—food service, business-to-business. It’s tough; people get pigeonholed,” Shaw said.

Shaw acknowledged the shop is far from full-service but said the partners’ experience will give its work depth.

A spot for Naked Fish, Woburn, Mass., has been running this month in New England. The commercial plays off the chain’s name by starring a man, played by Talarico, ap-proaching several co-workers, asking if they want to “get naked tonight.” He receives only confused stares until he makes the offer to a man in the restroom, who enthusiastically agrees. This prompts another man sitting in a stall, who doesn’t understand the context of the conversation, to come out utterly amazed at what he has heard.

The Lumber Company picked up the business through a contact at Schafer Condon Carter.