SAY CHEESE!: Answering a Baker’s 30,000,000 Lire Question

If Mona Lisa had a nickel for every print ad and TV commercial that has used her image over the years. we’d know why she’s smiling. In the meantime, Stroehmann Bakeries is making good use of her image as centerpiece of a promotional contest to boost sales of the company’s D’Italiano Real Italian Bread. While people have speculated for centuries as to why Mona Lisa is smiling, this ‘30,000,000 Lire Question’ has just one correct answer – which happens to be printed in an ‘answer box’ on the bottom of each loaf. (We won’t give away the answer here, but in view of the doctored painting, you could probably make a fair guess on your own.) Customers are urged to cut out the answer and send it in to participate in a drawing whose grand-prize winner will receive 10 million lire – worth about $700. New York-based Seiter & Miller created the promotion. The ad shows Mona eating the bread.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)