Say Cheese!

To celebrate its ninth anniversary, as well as its history and identity, New York agency Oasis recently held a photo scavenger hunt across the city. And it picked the right day for it: a scorcher that made the city feel like a desert and the bar where the event wrapped feel like, well, an oasis.

“It was a mad dash to the finish. People were hot and sweaty, running in, grabbing a beer,” said Tama Senick, manage ment supervisor and an event judge and organizer.

Six teams, each with seven or eight staffers, had three hours to photo graph themselves in various agency-related spots around Manhattan and rendezvous at Zanzi bar, a midtown watering hole. Each photo had some thing to do with Oasis, its media partners or its clients. Points were awarded for various accomplishments, such as sneaking into the Condé Nast cafeteria, piling into a Toyota Prius and model ing a sub-$9 outfit bought in the garment district, where Oasis now resides.

The winning team was “Omni 2,” headed by Oasis president Rand Pearsall (shown here, arms aloft), who arrived at Zanzibar in drag, a victim of the clothing challenge. “He looked like Janet Reno. The same hair. Not pretty,” creative director Paul Ber nasconi recalled ruefully.