Savings Re-examined

Resource Marketing pokes fun at the ways people attempt to save nickels and dimes while wasting dollars in a campaign that suggests an online insurance company can produce real savings.

The TV work for broke earlier this month in five West Coast markets and is set for a mid-September launch in Midwest markets, including Chicago and Minneapolis, said Liz Arthofer, senior manager of client services for Resource in Columbus, Ohio. A national rollout is set for early next year. Spending was not disclosed.

Also based in Columbus, offers a list of auto rates to users. The agency’s strategy is to stress the savings rather than the nuts and bolts of insurance benefits, which tend to make eyes glaze. “Our challenge was how to motivate (consumers), to get them up to their computer,” Arthofer said.

One TV spot shows a man wheeling a cart down a grocery aisle, passing toilet paper that starts with a roll of “Sweet 16” before building up through progressively bigger bargain packs to “Rollasaurus Rex” 90-pack. A super shows that he saves $27.15 on toilet paper, while wasting $368.27 on car insurance.

Another spot sets up a similar scenario with a guy trying to change his own oil, which winds up covering his face and pouring out of his garage.

“We’ve all filled the shampoo bottle with water and shaken it up,” said Mark Hillman, along with Brad Webb, a creative director for the campaign.