Savin Copiers Repositioned For Workplace

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–A $4 million print campaign for Savin Corp. in Stamford, Conn., created by Genova & Partners seeks to reposition the office products supplier.

Four ads feature the tagline the Greenwich, Conn., agency introduced last year, ‘We’re going to win you over,’ along with elegant images of objects seemingly unrelated to Savin.

‘We’re trying to communicate solutions and not just focus on big, beautiful machines, but rather on how people use them,’ explained agency president Richard Rapp.

According to the ad copy, these solutions lie in Savin’s ability to provide the know-how and technology that can make lackluster offices more productive and efficient.

One ad uses the Golden Gate bridge to illustrate how Savin’s document handling solutions close the gap between yesterday’s analog systems and tomorrow’s digital systems.

Another execution depicts a sports car with the headline, ‘Savin’s going to win you over with document handling solutions that transform your office network into the Autobahn.’

Savin’s market share is less than 5 percent, Pollack said, ‘so we needed a way to make a loud noise.’

Ads broke at the beginning of this month in Time, Business Week, Inc. and trade publications, and they will run for the rest of the year.

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