Sara Lee Brings ‘Mama Saga’ to Social Nets

With back-to-school in high gear, Sara Lee is launching the first big social media push for its deli meats division.

Part of the launch is a new Mama Saga Web series, which stars real moms who share motherhood’s woes and engage with Sara Lee’s products. Each segment features the narrator—an actress of the Second City comedy theater troupe—talking one-on-one with the viewer and either eating, preparing or sitting by a Sara Lee deli product. The company’s prepackaged meats include Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast and Brown Sugar Ham.

The videos, which launched today (Monday), are now running on sites like Facebook, YouTube and video entertainment site Metacafe. One video, titled “Dealing with Disaster,” shows a stressed out mom describing her house as a “chaos factor” while prepping sandwiches for her husband and children. “I’m getting better prepared. I’m starting to make lunch at night. I’m learning,” she concludes after a longwinded rant about tripping over Tickle Me Elmo and cleaning up after her dog’s potty accident in someone else’s car. Each video includes with the question, “How would you handle this mama saga?” and a brief tag that directs consumers to the Facebook page for Sara Lee Deli.

Sara Lee is also running a coupon offer for $3 off its pre-sliced deli meats on Facebook, and is posting sandwich and recipe tips incorporating its deli meats on the site. Additionally, Sara Lee is doing blogger outreach and tweeting about the effort on Twitter.

Paula Shikany, senior brand manager for Sara Lee’s North American retail deli meats, said the push is part of the division’s goal to get into the social media space. Other divisions, such as Sara Lee’s line of bakery goods, are further ahead in that “journey,” said Sara Matheu, communications director at Sara Lee. (The company spent $64 million on advertising last year, including $1 million on online display ads only, per TNS and Nielsen.)

With Mama Saga in particular, Sara Lee saw an opportunity to tap into a growing demographic of tech-savvy moms. “We’re focusing on moms who are really active in the online and social media space,” said assistant brand manager Becky Thomas. She added that Sara Lee is hoping to appeal to moms by depicting “some of the challenges of parenting” in humorous situations.