Sandra Bullock Is Lost in Space, Dracula Is Back and JFK Gets Shot Again [Video]

Mashed up trailers from this weekend's new releases

It's a rare occasion when the two leads of the week's biggest new movie have a combined age of more than 100 years, especially when one of them isn't Woody Allen. But in Alberto Cuaron's Gravity, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are ideal. Their privileged, age-softened features are just what you'd expect to see inside the helmets of contemporary astronauts, the ultimate symbols of boomer hubris. As the brilliant Children of Men showed, Cuaron is a social philosopher, and as Bullock spins off into the void after some space station accident it's clear that this Imax thought experiment is really about reaching too far.

Unlike Runner Runner, which seems to be a film of no ambition at all. Apparently it's Justin Timberlake's turn to play that familiar fellow, the young genius gambler (of Cincinnati Kid, Rounders, etc.) who gets in over his head. There is nothing going on here to suggest that the Justin Bieber version will be any worse.

Elsewhere this week there's a new vampire movie from Dario Argento, the great Italian horror director emulated every now and again by a generation of genre obsessive film directors. You saw Aronofsky's Black Swan? Check out Suspiria. But Dario, it turns out based on the trailer for Argento's Dracula in 3D, now just wants to make note-for-note Hammer horror movies. There's even an Ingrid Pitt look-alike.

In the history corner, Parkland is yet another take on the JFK assassination with a trailer that includes Paul Giacometti as Abraham Zapruder, the encouragingly tasteless line, "Nice day for a motorcade," and some very pompous drumming. Meanwhile, kids who haven't lived long enough to even hear of the Kennedys are shot to death on a daily basis, as seen in the trailer for Narco Cultura, a beautiful-looking documentary about Mexico's growing obsession with guns and gun culture.