Samsung Revs Engines

Samsung Motors has tapped an all-American advertising team to develop its inaugural ad campaign in South Korea.
Creative partners Pam Cunningham and Dan Mountain, who have worked for automotive clients such as Hyundai, Infiniti and Nissan while at several Los Angeles agencies over the last decade, have joined with Onesuch Films in Los Angeles to create the ads for the automotive
company. Onesuch hired Cunningham and Mountain as art director and copywriter, respectively, for a series of four TV spots that were shot in California’s Mojave Desert. Onesuch’s Brian Donnelly was the producer, John Sinclair directed, and composer Gary Remal Malkin created the score.
The first spot, a teaser ad, is scheduled to begin airing in South Korea next month. The remaining spots will break in March to coincide with the launch of Samsung’s first passenger car–a modified version of the Nissan Maxima.
Neither Mountain nor Cunningham could be reached for comment last week. Representatives
of the production and music companies declined to comment.
Samsung, a giant electronics marketer, is making its debut in the automotive business. Samsung Motors aims to compete with other South Korean car makers Hyundai, Daewoo and Kia, but is not expected to enter the U.S. automotive market until after 2003.
“It is going to take a long time,” said B.W. Kim, general manager of Samsung Motors’ U.S. headquarters in Southfield, Mich. “We have a lot of research to do here before we proceed.”