Sam Adams’ ‘Due Time’

Boston Beer takes an explicitly aspirational tack in new TV ads behind its flagship Samuel Adams craft-beer brand, linking consumers’ personal goals to the quality of the beer with a new tagline: “All in due time.”
Two new spots from Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, abandon the humorous tone of the agency’s prior efforts in favor of a more thoughtful picture of the core drinker. In both spots, a male in his mid-20s opens a bottle of Samuel Adams, then is able to envision a bright future, sources who have seen the ads said. A spot breaking this week involves the character’s work life, while a follow-up spot involves his personal life.
This ambitious, confident stance is linked to the brand via bottle shots that feature a new label, with brand icon and “brewer-patriot” Samuel Adams sporting a more energetic, confident look and hoisting his flagon higher in a more exuberant pose. A concluding voiceover states: “Slow-crafted Sam Adams. All in due time.”
The campaign, likely budgeted at $10-15 million, is seen as crucial for a brand looking to lock in consumer loyalty as the growth of domestic specialty beers subsides and increasing numbers of affluent consumers flock to high-end European brands.
John Chappell, vice president for brand development, confirmed the gist of the spots, saying, “Sam stands for quality, and our drinkers aspire to that quality as they aspire to many things in their lives.”
Last year, Boston Beer spent about $6 million on TV ads, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
The previous tagline was, “A better glass of beer.” Sam Adams executives have said those ads stimulated strong sales gains, although the current thoughtful tone is apparently considered more in keeping with the brand persona.