Salem Five Initiates Search

Salem Five Cents Savings Bank is ending its 14-year relationship with Kelley Habib John Integrated Marketing and is seeking a new agency for its advertising account.

“They were one of our first clients. We had a great run [with Salem Five]. We’re really proud of the work,” said Judy Habib, president of KHJ, Boston.

The client’s ad budget is $1-2 million. Pile and Co., Boston, is overseeing the review.

Though sad to be parting ways, Habib said she understands the decision to review, which was made by Marie O’Neill, the senior vice president of marketing and strategic planning who joined the Salem, Mass., client several months ago.

O’Neill cited a desire to test the marketplace after being with the same agency for such a long time as prompting the review. She looks to name a winner next month.

Habib said that no staffing adjustments will be needed when the agency finishes work for Salem Five.

The review in-cludes work for both the bank and, the company’s online unit. In recent years, KHJ’s efforts for Salem Five consisted mainly of crafting ads for Salem Five has more than $1 billion in total assets and retail branches mainly in suburbs on Boston’s North Shore.