For Sale: Webvan Branded Trucks, Scanners, Totes

NEW YORK–If you’re in the market to open an online grocery service, you can begin by bidding on more than 10,000 items from bankrupt Internet grocer Webvan, which go up for auction this month at numerous locations nationwide. The first auction will be held today when several thousand pieces are set to be sold off at Webvan’s 125,000-square-foot distribution center in Renton, Wash. Six more auctions will be held throughout the next several weeks.

The items include Freightliner refrigerated trucks branded with Webvan’s logo, laser printers, Compaq computers, hand-held scanners, aluminum bakery carts, chairs and Webvan-branded plastic totes formerly used to transport groceries from conveyor systems to delivery trucks.

Webvan filed for bankruptcy protection in July citing $1.2 billion in assets and $106 million in debts.

“Auctions on this scale are few and far between,” said Peggy Hopper, liquidation supervisor at Great American Group, the Los Angeles-based company overseeing the sale.