Sex. Intrigue. Advertising. No, it’s not the latest vodka or perfume campaign, but a new book by Deborah van Rooyen called Boat Bastard. The author, who used to work in the Boston ad industry, has set the novel in that very arena.

The book launched last week from Harper Collins’ Regan Books division. It follows the protagonist (a thinly veiled depiction of van Rooyen) through a 13-year affair with a prominent player on the Boston ad scene—known as “The Captain.”

The affair begins when he works for her at an unnamed Boston agency, and it takes them through 13 years on his sailboat, on journeys throughout the world before she finally decides to lead her own life.

“It’s about him, me, relationships, working women, trying to raise a child, trying to be everything to everybody until you break down,” said van Rooyen, who also owns DVR Design, a Brookline, Mass., design studio.

Though no names are mentioned, and minor de tails have been changed, van Rooyen said anyone who has been in Boston advertising for a long time will recognize whom it’s all about. And the man? She sent him a copy of the tale before publishing, but never heard back.